Photos by Michel Vershinin

Orthodox chapel

Orthodox chapel in Samara (Russia).

A piece of Capitalism

A piece of capitalism in Russia lagging

House of worship

House of worship.

New gates to the old paradise

The fence near the house to be demolished.

Believer from Moscow

Russian mosque "Lala Tulpan"

The minarets are designed to resemble the blooming tulips. Ufa, Russia.

Resurrection (Iberian) Gate

The first stone gate leading to Red Square was erected in 1535. When the structure was rebuilt in 1680, the double passage was surmounted with two-storey chambers crowned by two octagonal hipped roofs similar to the Kremlin towers. An Icon of the Resurrection was placed on the gate facing towards Red Square, from which the gate derives its name.

"One God, Two Worlds"

Church of the Holy Martyr Tatiana

The keeper of the gate

Antonievo-Siysky Monastery


Antonievo-Siysky Monastery

Antonievo-Siysky Monastery


Russian traditional house in the north

Сhurch of the descent of the holy spirit

Сhurch of the descent of the holy spirit, p. Holmogory, founded in 1865 y.

The temple in Holmogory

The temple in honor of the Twelve Apostles, p. Holmogory (founded in 1761 y.)

The window in the monastery # 2

Antonievo-Siysky Monastery

The window in the monastery

Antonievo-Siysky Monastery

The Church of Saint Nicholas

The Church of Saint Nicholas, 1904

Church of the Annunciation

Церковь Благовещения Пресвятой Богородицы (est 2012)

Divine graffiti