Photos by Michel Vershinin

Manager of shuttle buses

Pensioner work shuttle buses Manager.

Tired of walking

The woman sat down to rest and look at the red flowers!

Old woman

The old woman sat on the street. Tired legs.

Street vendor

Pensions in Russia are very small and difficult to live on them. Many pensioners are traded illegally on the street to earn money.

Older moscovites

Two old friends

Believer from Moscow

The nibbling old woman

Old man

Old woman #2

Old woman #3

The contemplation

Old woman #4

Old friends

Hard сheck for payment

Retired considers too big for him a check for payment of services.

The wise caution

Balding old woman...

Watching #2

Tired of walking #2

Running man

Forever together


Evening walk

The secrets of business

Street boss

Sad thoughts

Discussion of a new drug

Old school man

Watering Place in the urban jungles


Older woman waits in the park when she can collect bottles.

Trade in vegetables

The last steps

Tres amigos #2

Vaporarium friend`s

Square casino

The bench of comparisons

Waiting for the tram

Hard times...


One generation but different styles

Autumn portrait-profile


Different views


Old style

Reading newspaper in McDonalds

Smoko #3

The hard way

A bored

Three girlfriends

Granny scooterist


Waiting for the bus #2

Limited choice

A man from another time

Looking into nowhere

Reading a book #5

Dance of generations

Moscow Cossack

The old communist

The important news

Walking in the city

Lonely sleep #6

Portrait of a stranger

Grey hairs

I go to the theater

I go to the theater 2

Hard thinking

Hard walking

Hard walking #2

Autumn evening

Elderly smoker

Old friends

4 alco-friends


Old alcoholics

Conversations at sunset

Oldness and youth waiting

Busy grandmother


Lonely smoker

Old woman #5

Earnings on the gramophone

Complex device

Photography on mobile

Ice cream on a cold day

Lonely smoking woman