Photos by Michel Vershinin

A monument to the heroic sailors

Time passes, and the color of blood does not change

"Vortices hostile blowing over us ..."

An excerpt from the old Soviet songs.

Eye of Sauron, or zero kilometer

zero kilometer in Ufa (Russia)

Russian mosque "Lala Tulpan"

The minarets are designed to resemble the blooming tulips. Ufa, Russia.

Monument "M. Akmullah and students"

Monument in M. Akmullah Bashkir State Pedagogical University, Ufa, Russia.

A monument to Matrosov and repeat his feat M. Gubaidullin

Ufa, Russia.

The sculpture "Sleeping guard"

The sculpture "Sleeping guard" near the Kremlin!

Resurrection (Iberian) Gate

The first stone gate leading to Red Square was erected in 1535. When the structure was rebuilt in 1680, the double passage was surmounted with two-storey chambers crowned by two octagonal hipped roofs similar to the Kremlin towers. An Icon of the Resurrection was placed on the gate facing towards Red Square, from which the gate derives its name.

State Historical Museum

The Lion and the Unicorn

The old Moscow Print Yard and now Moscow State Historical-Archive Institute.

"I love Samara"

Hero Police Wall

Baba Yaga

Spirito del bosco


The Leprecauns

Monument to "Yuri Detochkin"

"A monument to Yuri Detochkin" - movie character (Samara, Komsomolskaya Square) / set in 2012



The monument to Captain

Schooner "West"

Three-masted schooner sailing-motor "West". Monument northern wooden sailing ships. Built in 1949.

Monument to the Russian woman

Monument to the Russian muzhik

Monument to Stepan Pisakhov

Monument to Stepan Pisakhov

Entrance in the Russian Exhibition Centre

Russian exhibition center - 75 years

Worker and Kolkhoz Woman

Marx and Pigeons

Lenin and the russian youth

WWII: Alley of heroes of the Soviet Union

The Monument to the Yugra

Cathedral of the resurrection of Christ

The monument to the fallen in world war II

The monument family

Golden goddess

The monument to the TV festival "Golden tambourine"

WWII: IS-3 tank

Fountain "Ob and Irtysh"

2 river

Chapel in Surgut