Photos by Michel Vershinin

Unhappy life

Sleep peacefully in the heart of the troubled city.

Lonely sleep

Lonely sleep in the underpass in Moscow.

Man and bird

Man and bird.

Smoking in outdoor bed

Homeless smokes on the street under a tree

Lonely sleep #2

Drunken and beaten a homeless.

Swarm in garbage

Unhappy life #2

A prostitute at work

Unhappy life #3

Unhappy life #4

Unhappy life #5

Unhappy life #6

The alcoholic in the city center.

Unhappy life #7

Short stop

Lonely sleep #3

Way to nowhere


Homeless and cat

Adult orphan

Street beggar

"The street drummer"

Drinking companions

Lonely sleep #4

Midday conversation

The new mendicant

Beggar and a girl

Lonely sleep #5

Picking your nose

Alms in the hot sun

Hard choice

Hard choice

Important details

Sleep in oblivion


Sleep in oblivion 2

Another summer

Flowers and sleep


Another life