Photos by Michel Vershinin

Graffiti "On the roof #2"

Graffiti "On the roof #2"

Old house

Old house in Samara

Graffiti "For You"

Graffiti "For You"

Graffiti "On the roof"

Graffiti "On the roof"

Orthodox chapel

Orthodox chapel in Samara (Russia).

The red shop alcohol "Gorilka"

The red shop alcohol "Gorilka" favorite store lonely people!

Very old ads and graffiti

Remains of 19th century advertising and layers of fresh graffiti.

Dying city

Remains of pre-revolutionary architecture.

House of worship

House of worship.

Street doors

These street-doors can be found in thousands of Russian homes.

Funny cycle race

Funny cycle race in GUM (Moscow, Russia)

Blue umbrellas

Blue umbrellas (GUM, Moscow, Russia)

The remains of the summer

Baby swing and the remnants of grass in October

The old red steam engine

Russian Tower

"Vortices hostile blowing over us ..."

An excerpt from the old Soviet songs.

Working class

Soviet gate

Russian mosque "Lala Tulpan"

The minarets are designed to resemble the blooming tulips. Ufa, Russia.

Bridge on the river "White"

Russia, Ufa.


Small yard

Old Samara - "Small yard"

The Volga River

Resurrection (Iberian) Gate

The first stone gate leading to Red Square was erected in 1535. When the structure was rebuilt in 1680, the double passage was surmounted with two-storey chambers crowned by two octagonal hipped roofs similar to the Kremlin towers. An Icon of the Resurrection was placed on the gate facing towards Red Square, from which the gate derives its name.

State Historical Museum

The Lion and the Unicorn

The old Moscow Print Yard and now Moscow State Historical-Archive Institute.

The old flour mill

The first brick flour mill in Samara. Operates more than 100 years old.

"I love Samara"

Old House

Green Home

Tube in the sky

Urban remains

Autumn boat

Volga River

Orange door

Somewhere in the north

Graffiti arkhangelsk quay

The rotten teeth of the old dock

Monument to the Russian woman

Monument to the Russian muzhik

Monument to Stepan Pisakhov

Monument to Stepan Pisakhov

Samara winter #1

View from window.

Samara winter #2

View from window.

The balcony of Moscow Mayor

Water pump

Brick wall and girl


Two lonely

Urban graffiti

Urban fauna

Fork to nowhere

Arboretum in Adler

Wooden gnome

Russian matrix

Atheists graffiti

The inscription "There is no God" and fix "Is there".

Rusty press shop

Punk poetry