Photos by Michel Vershinin

Argot: garbage and "garbage"

"Garbage" in Russia called the cops. Police car on the background of debris.

Old car

Old car on the street in Samara.

Old car # 2

Old car on the street in Samara.

Russian ambulance car

In large Russian cities there are only 60% of the ambulances of the required amount.

Samara tram

Samara tram at work

Dog and auto #1

"Italian scooter"

"Italian scooter" in the GUM, Russia, Moscow.

The yellow school bus

The yellow school bus of Ballet School. A typical school bus for Russia.

Russian mini

Russian mini - "Oka". Now not produced car. Popular among the poor.


The car a student from a rich family.

The famous "Kopeyka"

Tuning as sports car. Now not produced car. Popular among the poor and сaucasians.

Sushi delivery

Flour truck

Sandero Stepway

Mini Cooper

Fire truck

Watering car

Watering car - "UAZ: Chistik"


Volkswagen Lupo

GAZ 24-02

Ship at the dock

Pontiac Solstice

Chevrolet SSR

Schooner "West"

Three-masted schooner sailing-motor "West". Monument northern wooden sailing ships. Built in 1949.

Ship at sunset

Sale of old auto

Honda Shadow


Frozen Chevrolet

Volga GAZ-24

GAZ M21 Volga

Motorcycle in photograph earnings

Graffiti Grill Auto


Who is faster?