Photos by Michel Vershinin

Independent young dog

Independent young dog in the street in Samara (Russia).

A young patient left the ward

A young cat ran after surgery for a walk!

Sleep and control of the territory

Sleeping and controlling the territory: no tresspassing

Dog and autumn

Dog and autumn (Samara, Russia)

What do you want man? #2

French Bulldog "Nicole" frozen sleep on the floor and crawled on his doggie bed.

What do you want man?

Old black cat "Lizun". 12 years old and grizzled mustache.

Dog and auto #1

Сat doomsday

Сat doomsday - my cat Fix is waiting for the end of the Mayan calendar.

What do you want man? #3

Piano cat



What do you want man? #4

Are you dangerous?

A very independent cat

Nice kitty

Cat scout

Urban remains

A very independent cat #2

Dog in the window


Squirrel #2

Dog in the window #2

Alpha Dog

Two crows


A very independent cat #3

Sleeping cat

"I Want to Break Free"


White pigeon

Waiting for the master


Seagull and horses


Dangerous to society

Bird's meeting

Concentrated cat

Black Swan

Yawn of tiger

Sparrow tree

Walking cat

Сat look at a king

White and green

Cat and car

Deadpan cat

The cat and the hole

Cat walking

Cat in the street

Independent cat

Cat in the street #2

The cat in the garbage

Ducks bathers

Ducks bathers #2

Squadron of ducks

One-eyed cat

Sochi cat #2

Sochi cat #1

King anuran

The famous cat

Stuck turtle

Hot day for a cat




Black Swan in captivity

Freedom for me


Snake SPA

Young hunter

Cat's dream

Two cats

Lazy dog

Spring cat

Lucky camouflage